What services do you provide?

I offer consultancy, coaching and training services to companies that have a direct interface with their customer and performance coaching services to individuals.  I specialise in working with orgnisations and professionals who are dissatisfied with their current situation, or performance and have a desire to change.

Who are your clients?

My clients are passionate about what they do.  They are all achievers...people and organisations who are good at what they do and are committed to continually raising the bar.  

Clients include:

  • CIMSPA - Continual Professional Development workshops for Leisure professionals
  • Sainsbury's - Resilience workshops with The Learning Archtect
  • The Coaching Academy - Trainer for Small Business Diploma and Course Manager
  • Peugeot - Change management programme
  • The Institute of Qualified Lifeguards - development of a new management qualification and trainer package
  • Medway Council – sports coach UK workshops and first aid
  • Sport Wales - Team Manager Career pathway with accompanying training resource and workshops
  • Christian Family Care – Team Coaching
  • Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust - transition coaching of ex-elite athletes
  • D C Leisure Management Ltd - production and delivery of a ‘Rising Stars’ talent development programme for aspiring senior managers
  • Royal Life Saving Society – Customer service training; performance coaching; review of training materials
  • Lifesigns Group – City and Guilds 7300; First aid at work instructors courses
  • Delphinus Sport – Training and assessing
  • Amateur Swimming Association– review of Aquatic fitness programme and lead tutor observation visits

What training do you offer?

I specialise in supporting organisations to improve their customer experiences; for their internal customers i.e. employees and their external customers i.e. end users and clients/customers.  

Taining focusses on:

  • developing you and your relationship with your clients or customers
  • improving leadership performance to enable you to get the best from your team
  • WOWing your customer and exceeding their expectations at every opportunity
  • Getting more clients buying more of your services more often
  • achieving your business goals and helping grow your business

Change happens constantly and the most successful people are those who have the flexibility to adapt to meet the new challenges with which they are presented.  Learning is a journey of discovery and all my coaching and training activities have an element of self reflection and action planning.  I help clients understand how to get the best from themselves and others by encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions, reflect on their shortcomings and use this knowledge to identify personal strategies for continual improvement.

All courses for leaders and front line staff contain an element of how to effectively communicate and influence (with integrity) your internal customers and your end user or consumer.

How much do your services cost?

As I offer a range of solutions fees vary depending on the service you want and the number of days required; however rest assured rates are competitive and cost effective. 

You use coaching as part of your service, what exactly is that?

Like so many other personal development or 'self-improvement' ideas, coaching originated in the USA during the late 1980s. Back then many coaching practitioners had trained as therapists with a background in psychology or a closely related discipline. It became evident to a number of these therapists that many of their 'patients' had no specific trauma or condition, other than a feeling that their lives were somehow out of sync. They were okay, but lacked enthusiasm and balance and knew there must be more to life than what they were experiencing. Some of these therapists dealt exclusively with such cases; their patients became clients; the therapists became coaches and a new profession was born.

Who employs a coach?

Anyone can employ a coach, to help tackle personal development issues or professional challenges.  Many coaching clients are seen as successful, fulfilled and contented people. Our clients include aspiring managers, corporate teams, sports performers and individuals who just want to get the best from themselves.

How does coaching work?

Coaching is a personal and professional development tool that can help you take control of the important aspects of your life and can be carried out by phone, online, or face to face, with email support.  Performance  coaching sessions last for an hour and can be taken as regularly as you want. I offer a 6 session programme for optimum impact; this enables us to develop a productive relationship and achieve your goals more effectively.

How do I choose the right coach for me?

Most reputable coaches will provide an opportunity for you to have a no obligation discussion prior to making any commitment. The coaching process, whether in a life, sports performance or corporate context requires respect, honesty, focus, intent, commitment and enthusiasm from the client and the coach so you need to find someone you can connect and be comfortable with. This is why I offer a free, no obligation initial consultation so we can chat before you make a decision.

What is Business Coaching?

Being at the head of an organisation can be a lonely and invidious place, regardless of its size or turnover. A Business Coach helps owners/directors of SME's review, evaluate and make effective decisions to improve how they approach and operate their business. 

As your coach I'll use a variety of tried, tested and proven management tools and techniques to help you achieve a clearer perspective of your commercial goals and the direction and values of your organisation. I'll act as your sounding board and challenge you to question the effectiveness of your current practices and help you identify ways to generate the return on investment you expect.

What is Performance Coachng?

This is a one to one professional and confidential service that focuses on establishing balance in your life and improving your health and your sense of wellbeing. You'll make the positive lifestyle changes you need to develop a passion for your life and become healthier and happier. You can unlock your true potential and optimise your performance in any area of your life by understanding and enhancing your talents and strengths and overcoming your weaknesses to create the life you really want and add more life to your years!

As your coach, I help you identify your goals, plan the changes and support you to adopt more effective behaviours that are congruent with your values, paving your way to a smooth journey rather than a rough ride.  You’ll be supported, encouraged and challenged every step of the way to help you live your life with energy, positivity and passion!

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