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About Jacky

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Jacky Leonard is a well respected inspirational trainer, performance coach and author, specialising in the design and delivery of behaviour change interventions. 

She has a proven track record in facilitating cost effective, engaging and sustainable solutions for her clients. 

Described by her clients, as ‘a consummate professional’ and ‘charismatic trainer, she is noted for her dynamic and engaging style believing learning should be fun, with a serious intent.  

As a result, she is frequently invited to present and speak at conferences, networking events and industry seminars.


Background and Experience

In over 25 years working as a trainer, coach and manager Jacky has gained a wealth of experience, playing integral business development roles in a number of large organisations, creating new programmes for target markets, developing marketing communication strategies, producing quality management systems and troubleshooting for under-performing businesses. 

Her philosophy is all about putting people first and she expertly uses her knowledge of adult learning to challenge clients to step outside their comfort zones and question their current behaviours in order to develop their full potential, personally and professionally.

Jacky has worked in a consultancy or associate capacity with a variety of private and public sector organisations including CIMSPA, The Learning Architect, The Coaching Academy, Sainsbury's, PSS, Reed Momenta, The Royal Lifesaving Society UK, Peugeot, Sport Wales, Baxi, GLL, D C Leisure, Lifetime, MEND, Lloyds Pharmacy, Herbalife, LA Fitness, SLM, Delphinus tmc, Badminton Wales, Welsh Netball, Swim Wales, Medway Council, Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust and UK Coaching.

Jacky has a very personable yet analytical and incisive approach, going straight to the heart of the issue. Working with Jacky on projects was a pleasure. Jacky was creative as a manager, an effective influencer with colleagues, and an innovator, able to develop pragmatic and effective solutions.

Christine Jones, Management Consultant, People Impact

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Motivational presentations and workshops

Jacky’s presentations are highly informative and motivating and can be tailored to suit the needs of the organisation and the audience. A few examples are listed below.

How to WOW! Your Customers

We live in a world where there are too many suppliers and not enough customers…

Whatever service you offer, chances are someone else is providing something similar just around the corner.  Good clients are hard to come by and often costly to attract, so when you do get them interested you need to WOW! them into choosing you as their preferred service provider and make a consistent and concerted effort to exceed their expectations at every opportunity. How to WOW! Your customers is a selection of the best Customer Service Strategies from leading experts that have already enabled many Professional Service Providers to gain a significant increase in business results.

The buzz in the office is great this morning.  All 10 of my team that attended definitely benefitted from your training and have fed back how interesting and well presented the sessions were. Thanks for everything.

Kamran Tirmizey, Contract Manager, Xcel Elmbridge

Listening...or Waiting to Interrupt?

Constant improvements in technology mean you can communicate with almost anyone you want 24/7. A ring, beep, or buzz can get you reaching for your mobile phone quicker than a gunfighter at the OK corral. Has this come at the expense of the quality of your personal interactions? Jacky will illustrate how developing the important and underrated skill of listening can have a massive impact on your ability to respond, influence and build productive relationships with your internal and external customers.


Managing Meetings to Maximise Results

Do you think meetings are a waste of time and money? 

Have you been asked to attend a meeting and wondered why you’re there?

Perhaps you have to chair them and feel you’re not making the best use of everyone’s time?

Meetings are a vital tool for management and communication.  If run properly they save time, increase motivation and productivity, and solve problems. Meetings can provide a forum for creating new ideas and initiatives, solving problems and achieving buy-in from colleagues and clients.  They diffuse conflict in a way that emails and memos cannot and allow the meaning and feeling of the situation to be conveyed through facial expression and non-verbal signals. Effective meetings can help you manage your team and achieve your objectives quicker, easier and at less cost. However, badly run meetings waste time, money, resources, and are worse than having no meetings at all.  

Using practical tools, models and learning activities you’ll discover how to make meetings more productive and enjoyable, explore how to manage challenging behaviour in order to get the best from everyone who attends and develop a strategy to ensure you achieve the best return on your investment.

Jacky led out curriculum and IT team in the development and delivery of a blended training programme for our ILM level 3 in Effective Management.  She is a consummate professional and always delivers beyond the brief. 

Nigel Wallace, Director, Lifetime

86400 - Are you Making them Count?

We all have the same 86400 seconds to play with every day, yet it seems there are some people who manage to use that time better than others. So what’s the reason for that?  Are you bored, overworked or lazy...or do you just have uninspiring goals?  Let’s face it you’ll often find time for those things that you deem most important to you.  

The truth is, you can’t manage time!  As it’s impossible to get more of it (that clock is going to tick away those seconds regardless), you can only manage yourself within the time you have available. With that in mind, maybe the question you should be asking is ‘how can I maintain my energy, motivation and focus to ensure I get the best out of my day and achieve the things I want at home and at work?’

Using practical tools, models and learning activities, you will identify the things you simply must do, explore the reasons you’re time challenged and consider the attitudes, behaviours and approaches that will help you use your time more effectively.


Brand You!

To be taken seriously in business you have to be credible, congruent and consistent i.e. be an expert in your field, authentic in your approach and committed to continual improvement. Successful business owner/managers understand the importance of creating a powerful first impression with their customers. Brand You is a collaborative programme with image consultant, Sue Pattinson that helps business owners develop their YOU S P by offering simple straightforward tools and strategies to make interactions with customers and colleagues more powerful and effective.

Most enjoyable and quite thought provoking It was good to have time to reflect and consider the impact that I make on people and thank you for making a safe environment in which to have this reflection.

Kate French, Interior Designer

Performing Under Pressure

In today’s living and working environments you’ll be confronted with constant demands on your time, energy and personal resources.  Things around us are changing at an increasingly rapid pace and if Darwin is to be believed we have to keep adapting to survive.  So why is it that some people cope better with the daily trials and tribulations that life brings, while others crumble under the pressure? 

If everything starts with a thought are you thinking your best ones?  Jacky explores the role personal responsibility; perception and attitude have in creating life balance and provides some tried tested and proven tips for dealing more positively with today’s challenges. 


Publications & Resources

Delivering Authentic Customer Experiences - available on Amazon 

Co-author of National Pool Management Qualification for RLSS

Design and development of Effective Team Management, a development programme for sports team managers commissioned by Sport Wales.

Development and delivery of a the management academy programme for D C Leisure

Author of Customer Service programme for SLM and Lifetime Training

Co-author of the revision of Certificate in Tutoring Sport for sports coach UK

Design, development and delivery of online tutorials and webinars for ILM L3 in Effective Management for Lifetime Training

Design and development of online tutorials, webinars and workshop for RLSS Award in Education and Training 


Professional Memberships

CIPD - Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

CSTN - Member and Accredited Trainer of the Customer Service Training Network

ICS - Specialist Member of the Institute of Customer Service

Branch committee member of CIPD Gloucestershire


Working with Jacky has been inspirational. The one to one coaching has been invaluable supporting and empowering.  Her skill of focusing on “you” was great and using the right questions supported me to resolve some challenging issues.  Her passion and belief in people is clear and plays out in her work. I would highly recommend Jacky to any individual or organisation without hesitation.
 Vicky Bailey, Managing Director, Delphinus tmc