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Mr Kipling makes exceedingly good Blogs…

Categories:  Effective Communication

I refer of course not to the cake maker, but the one who wrote The Jungle Book (amongst other things) Mr Rudyard Kipling.

You may be thinking what on earth could he have possibly had to do with Bloging?  Well I think his quote below suggests a pretty good formula for anyone considering writing an effective Blog.

“I keep six honest serving men, (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When, And How and Where and Who.”

(Ack: Rudyard Kipling, from ‘Just So Stories’, 1902.)

• Why write a Blog (what’s its purpose, or my outcome)?  Explain the reasons your audience should be interested.  Sell the benefits and get them tuned into WIIFM (What’s in it for me?)

• Who is your audience or your target market?  Give brief details about yourself and how you can be contacted.

• Where will you post it?  Where can your audience get more information or sign up for more details; this may be a link to your website or your email address.

• What do you want to tell them (content)?  Consider what your audience wants to know.l

• How are you going to do get your information across?  Tell them what action they need to take now.

• When am I going to do this?

Try using this simple formula to build your Blog.

Go make things happen…

Jacky Leonard

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