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Creating a memorable first impression

Categories:  Business Coaching, Effective Communication, Delivering Authentic Customer Experiences

We live in a world where there are too many suppliers and not enough customers…

Whatever service you offer, chances are someone else is providing something similar just around the corner.  Good clients are hard to come by and often costly to attract, so when you do get them interested you need to WOW them into choosing you as their preferred service provider.  That first impression is incredibly important so do it right.

Customer service comes in 3 distinct packages.

An OW!a miserable moment.  An experience that fails to meet the customers’ expectations; one they remember, for all the wrong reasons; one they’ll tell all their friends about…and anyone else who care’s to listen, although you’d really prefer they didn’t!

A HOWa neutral moment.  An experience that is just as the customer expected; no surprises (good or bad); one they’ll quite easily forget because it made very little impression either way.

A WOW!a magic moment.  An experience that exceeds the customers’ expectations; one they’ll remember and tell their friends about for the right reasons.

Starting off a relationship with an OW! Rather than a WOW! is never a good strategy.

It takes seconds to create that all important first impression and it will often be formed before you even open your mouth.  Consider how you personally present yourself to your customers; are you giving the right impression, or already falling short of their expectations.  Of course it’s not just you; if you employ staff to help deliver your service how do they come across?

And it doesn’t stop there…

Anytime your prospective customers come into contact with any aspect of your service you’ll be judged.  Do your promotional materials, resources, premises etc. present the appropriate image?

Remember, you never get a second chance to create a first impression.  Start well and strive to consistently deliver an exceptional level of customer service every day.