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National Customer Service Week

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“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”


Walt Disney

As we come to the end of National Customer Service week I thought it might be timely to ask, “Are you consistently creating exceptional experiences for your clients or customers?”

Whatever service you offer, chances are someone else is providing something similar just around the corner.  Good clients are hard to come by and often costly to attract, so when you do get them interested you need to WOW! them into choosing you as their preferred service provider and make a consistent and concerted effort to exceed their expectations at every opportunity.

Which of the following are your customers regularly experiencing?

  1. An OW! – a miserable moment.  An experience that fails to meet your customers’ expectations; one they remember, for all the wrong reasons; one they’ll tell all their friends about...and anyone else who care’s to listen, although you’d really prefer they didn’t!

  2. A HOW – a neutral moment.  An experience that is just as the customer expected; no surprises (good or bad); one they’ll forget quite easily because it made very little impression either way.

  3. A WOW! – a magic moment.  An experience that exceeds the customers’ expectations; one they’ll remember and tell their friends about for the right reasons.

Starting off a relationship with an OW! Rather than a WOW! is never a good customer service strategy.  It is possible to create a WOW out of an OW, but would you want to risk it?

Sadly, it seems poor service is too readily accepted these days.  The up side is this makes WOWs quite easy to achieve, providing you listen to your customers and really consider your service from the customer’s perspective.  This can be a challenge, particularly if you’ve been in your business for a long time.  Complacency can creep in and there’s a tendency to start believing you know best as you’ve heard/seen/done it all before.

Failure to WOW! your customers could be costing you…

  • A loss of reputation

  • Shrinking profits

  • Low staff morale

  • Increased staff turnover 

  • Increased client attrition

  • Higher recruitment costs (internal and external clients)

  • Reduced organic growth

  • Loss of up selling and cross selling opportunities

  • Wasted time, effort and money


To celebrate National Customer Service week, join me in a quick review and ask yourself:

  • What are the WOWs in my organisation? 

  • Who consistently delivers them?

  • How can I capitalise and create more of these magic moments?

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Go WOW them!