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Making Progress?

Categories:  Business Coaching, Being on purpose, Life Balance and Wellbeing

“Progress often involves some element of risk.  You can’t get to second base and keep your foot on first.” 

Fred Wilcox


Having worked in facility management and spent much of my leisure time in the hills, I’ve done my fair share of risk assessments.  Even now, I catch myself doing dynamic checks.  I’m not hyper vigilant, OCD, or risk averse, however I do have a healthy mental safety checklist. 

Fred Wilcox is spot on.  If you want to make progress of any kind, you have to take a risk.  You can plan, look at contingencies and do your due diligence but there’ll invariably be an element of chance.  I found myself in that position back in 2006, when I took a leap of faith and gave up a ‘proper job’ (my brother’s terminology) to set up as a freelance Learning and Development Consultant.  It was scary up to the point where I made the decision, and then I felt a weight had lifted and couldn’t wait to get to ‘second base.’

My questions to you are:

  • What’s nailing your foot on 1st base right now?
  • If you’ve done all your research, planning and preparation, why are you’re still treading water?
  • What belief do you hold that’s limiting your opportunities and hindering your progress?
  • What are you scared of?  Success, failure, looking foolish, the uncertainty of change?

We all have different tolerances and perceptions of risk.  Are you motivated to head toward pleasure, or move away from pain? You may be one of those people who thrive on the edge or the type who’d prefer to check all directions twice before putting your foot on the accelerator.  

I’m not suggesting you throw caution to the wind and dive headlong, blindly toward the next fad, fashion or latest trend.  However, don’t let your risk aversion stop you from making progress and being the best you can.  You may have a goal you’ve always wanted to attain…what’s stopping you making the progress you want?  Think about it…it might be time to take your foot off first base.  Make progress a habit by making small steps every day to create momentum.