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Goal Mapping is a unique, multipurpose human empowerment tool


Goal MappingWhatever your dream, Goal Mapping can help you achieve it

Throughout recorded history, the most successful men and women have been those who’ve learnt to develop their natural goal-setting ability into a powerful skill for achievement. Traditional goal setting techniques focus on left-brain words and endless repetition, Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping uses imagery – the language of the subconscious.Goal Mapping

Goal setting is a natural function of the brain. Making a decision triggers a subconscious process that transforms the decision into an action. Learning the most effective way to set goals is the number one prerequisite for success in any endeavour, for an individual, team, or organisation.


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It can be applied in a number of ways to help you achieve a variety of different objectives: mapping, tracking, brainstorming, unifying, and future projecting. Every area of life – like any area of an organisation – needs to be goal orientated for success.

The programme will help you develop the difference that makes the difference i.e. your Drive, Attitude and Confidence. It has been designed to give you the information, inspiration and enablement to achieve goals, the wherewithal to pursue your purpose, and the training you need to coach yourself to success.


Brian Mayne's World of Goal Mapping


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