Psychometric Testing


What is the Big Five?

The Big Five is almost universally regarded by professionals as the most scientific, accurate and detailed model to measure personality.

Knowing about the big five personality traits will help you understand what motivates you and the individuals on your team, so you can all reach your full potential.

Psychological experts and researchers typically use this model for evaluating the five core traits or aspects of an individual’s personality. The big five are:




opennessto experience, and


They acronym OCEAN is often used to make it easier to remember.

So, how do you find out about your five traits and what will knowing about them do for you?

Follow the link below and use the tool to find out…

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The tool is free to use and has the option to upgrade to unlock further detail which will help your team and personal development.

The Science of Teams and TeamDNA

The Big Five tool is hosted on Weavee as part of a TeamDNA method designed to enable teams insight and understanding on how to leverage the traits and soft skills they have available.

As one of the key components in successful team creation, motivations and behaviours are the least understood by management. How many times have you conflicted with a person simply through a personality clash and not known where the problem is, or how to resolve it.

As a leader it is vitally important to understand what motivates individuals on your team so you can help them reach their potential. It is an unfortunate reality that daily life often includes numerous (and often unexpected) obstacles to achieving our goals; this is where this tool can help you.

I am working with Weavee to offer you a tool that will help you understand inbuilt TeamDNA and role design and enable you to multiply team growth potential by better preparing your teams for the future of work.

Start today by learning about your own results and then request full access to begin your TeamDNA journey.