Develop your people’s passion, performance and productivity to improve profits

If, like many service providers, you’re struggling with…

  • Shrinking profits
  • Low staff morale
  • Increased staff turnover
  • Increased client attrition
  • Higher recruitment costs (internal and external clients)
  • Loss of up selling and cross selling opportunities
  • Wasted time, effort and money
  • A loss of reputation

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Dramatically improve your business results through developing a real commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Let meJacky Leonard_1 (JL_1.jpg) introduce myself.  My name is Jacky Leonard and I specialise in developing people, to maximise their potential and productivity. I offer learning and development consultancy, coaching and group facilitation.

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I’m only interested in working with a select number of clients.

My approach is to really understand your company, so I can make appropriate recommendations and design interventions that align with the culture of your organisation and help

you achieve tangible, measurable results. 

I’m not interested in the hit and run approach – let me be frank, one off training sessions don’t work. Now that may sound like a bizarre statement from someone who earns a crust as a learning professional, however it’s true and here’s why…

Regardless of how good the trainer is, how ideal the environment and how engaged the learners, delegates will have forgotten much of what they learned by the time they get home unless some other interventions are employed. Any development programme must be supported and embedded for optimum effect.

I’m proud to say the majority of my clients come from referrals. 

You may have your own in-house training and development resources; so why use me?

You get…

  • Over 30 years experience
  • Current, relevant knowledge of the challenges and issues facing service providers today
  • A proven track record of delivering results
  • A bespoke solution, that takes account of your resources, timescales and outcomes to meet the specific needs of your organisation
  • An honest, genuine, authentic approach to business

I won't waste your time or money...or mine!  It makes little difference how clever you, or your people are if you don’t have the emotional intelligence to reflect on how your behaviour impacts on yourself and others, and the self awareness and agility to adapt to inevitable changes.  I’ve worked with very smart people. I’ve also worked with people who would not be classed as having a high IQ, but are extemely high performers.  One of the main reasons for their proficiency is they have a growth mindset, are resilient in their approach and are willing to take a look in the metaphorical mirror, learn from their mistakes and get the best from themselves and their team

Jacky has a very personable yet analytical and incisive approach, going straight to the heart of the issue. Working with Jacky on projects was a pleasure. Jacky was creative as a manager, an effective influencer with colleagues, and an innovator, able to develop pragmatic and effective solutions.

Christine Jones Management Consultant, People Impact

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My key objective is to help you attract, capture and retain the right customers (internal and external) to your service and achieve your business goals through a customer centric approach. Improve your bottom line by maximising the potential of your people and enable them to consistently deliver a service that WOWs! your customers at every opportunity.

Download my special report…7 key ways to consistently WOW! your Customers and keep them coming back for more

My Approach

It’s all about Putting People First

The key is utilising the skills, knowledge, experience and attitude of your internal customers (you and your team) to deliver the best possible service to your external customers (end user or client).

This is no ‘off the shelf’ solution.  One off training sessions rarely offer tangible results unless supported from within the organisation.  Learners must put what they’ve discovered into practice immediately and be given guidance and opportunities for developing their competency further.

I’ve therefore developed an approach that optimises your learning and development budget.  This is based on over 25 years experience as a manager, business coach and learning consultant. You get a bespoke solution, specifically designed to meet your needs, through the most appropriate interventions, including:

  • Consultancy
  • Training and Facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring 
  • Online Learning and Support
  • Follow up support and evaluation

...in order to embed learning, improve core competencies and stimulate consistent action.


Key Features

  • Learning needs analysis
  • Customer audits - internal and external
  • A focus on creating memorable customer experiences to increase profits
  • Bespoke training and coaching solutions
  • Training internal trainers for sustainable success
  • Continual development – via email support, access to online resource centre and weekly e-bulletins

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Jacky has been instrumental in the production and delivery of a bespoke management training package that has effectively met our corporate training needs. Her sessions are engaging, enjoyable and informative and challenge participants to step outside their personal comfort zones to achieve the most from the learning environment.

Richard Millard Client relations and development Director Places for People

My business clients range from large private and public sector organisations to charitable trusts and small professional practices. What they have in common is a desire to improve themselves, their business, or both. In essence I work with you to...

exceed your customers expectations at every opportunity

in order to…

get more clients, to buy more of your services, more often

I'd love to hear from YOU if...

  • You put people first!
  • You are passionate about what you do
  • You are willing to invest in your organisation to achieve a higher level of success
  • You want to create a culture of cooperation, empowerment and solution based thinking
  • You are committed to providing a service that WOWS! your clients or customers at every opportunity to generate more profit
  • You have a desire to drive your business forward and are committed to taking daily action to make things happen

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Download my special report…7 key ways to consistently WOW! your Customers and keep them coming back for more

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