Improve your people's passion, performance and productivity to increase your business profitability

Growth solutions that develop resilient, high performing individuals and teams

It makes little difference how clever you or your people are if you lack the emotional intelligence to reflect on how your behaviour impacts on your own and your teams' performance, and the self awareness and agility to make necessary changes. You don't need a high IQ to be a top performer. Success is often about being resilient, adopting a consistent approach and having the willingness to take a look in the metophorical mirror and learn from your mistakes.

Practical Interventions

Blended learning solutions to support your teams continual development including:
- DISC profiling
- performance coaching
- webinars and online workshops
- tutorials and learning activities
- live, in person facilitated workshops

Create a Learning Habit

The success of your organisation is essentially the sum of its habits.  It's a product of what your people repeatedly do. Success isn't a knowledge problem.  Your team are likely to know what to do, but are they consistently doing it? Implementing small, positive daily actions have a cumulative effect and get you organisation closer it's goals.

Learning In The Flow

Learning isn't just a formal process.  In fact, much of what you learn is achieved through daily experiences. Support your team's journey by creating opportunities to optimise learning with regular practical interventions to improve performance, productivity and profits.

Jacky was instrumental in the production and delivery of a bespoke management training package that has effectively met our corporate training needs.  Her sessions are engaging, enjoyable and informative and challenge participants to step outside their personal comfort zones to achieve the most from the learning environment.

Rich Millard
Director, Places for People

Here's what my client's say...

Jacky led our curriculum and IT team in the development and delivery of a blended training programme for our ILM level 3 in Effective Management.  She is a consummate professional and always delivers beyond the brief.

Nigel Wallace
Ex-Director Lifetime, now with Association of Education and Learning Providers

Jacky has a very personal yet analytical and incisive approach, going straight to the heart of the issue.  Working with her on projects was a pleasure.  She is a creative manager, an effective influencer with colleagues and an innovator, able to develop pragmatic and effective solutions.

Christine Jones
Management Consultant, People Impact