Research by the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) suggests that the highest performing organisations are most likely to see customer service as integral to their business performance and to proactively seek ways of measuring its top and bottom line impact.

Customers are seeking more personalised, authentic and relevant experiences. Mass marketing, or a one size fits all customer experience, deliver diminishing returns and dilute customer relationships.

Joanna Causon, Chief Executive of the Institute of Customer Service (ICS)

My book, Delivering Authentic Customer Experiences, is focused on helping you consistently deliver experiences that WOW your customers so you can create a loyal customer base that purchase more of your services, more often.

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Failure to deliver an authentic customer service can result in…
- A loss of reputation
- Shrinking profits
- Low staff morale
- Increased staff turnover
- Increased client attrition
- Higher recruitment costs (employees and clients)
- Reduced organic growth
- Loss of up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
- Wasted time, effort and money      

One client put it in a nutshell:   When we get it wrong we’re handing our customers to the competition on a silver platter.    

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