Do you deliver presentations, learning activities or sales pitches?

Is your slide deck an asset or a liability?

Ever sat in a presentation or workshop and been hit by slide information overload?
Do you get frustrated when the presenter reads the content of the slides to you verbatim?
Have you lost your focus because the presenter seems unprepared?

7 Biggest Slide Deck Mistakes

1. Poor choice of font type, size and colour
2. Too much text
3. Out of date information
4. Inconsistent branding
5. Poor quality or insufficient images
6. No call to action
7. No consideration for audience communication 

7 Biggest Delivery Mistakes

1. Lack of structure, outcomes or contingency plan
2. Not knowing your audience
3. Poor subject knowledge
4. Lack of preparation, thinking you can wing it!
5. Reading verbatim from the slides
6. Fidgeting instead of moving with purpose
7. Ineffective verbal delivery and vocal tone

I've been to and given 1000's of presentations, online and in person. I've witnessed and sometimes been guilty of making fundamental mistakes that have hurt, rather than enhanced the content and the delivery. Getting it wrong can adversely effect the quality of the message, the credibility of the presenter and the outcome of the session. Regardless of how knowledgeable, professional or competent you are, the quality of your delivery and supporting resources can immediately turn your audience off, or draw them in.

So, if you have to stand and deliver, make sure your giving your presentation the best chance of hitting it's mark and achieving your objectives and showcasing yourself and your business in the best way possible.

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